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3D Tours Aren't Optional

Matterport 3D tour technology once reserved for luxury real estate listings, are now the new norm for real estate listings. Other small business owners and non-profits are seeing the benefit by using them to market their short-term rentals, restaurants and public spaces.

Matterport 3D tours are more dynamic than still photos and provide an immersive experience for the viewer, who controls the virtual model and has the ability to inspect the features and rooms of any space no matter if its a restaurant, museum or manufacturing plant.

Here are six compelling reasons for you to have a Matterport 3D tour done for your real estate listing, local small business, or as part of your on-boarding process for new employees.

#1 Wider Reach: Go Beyond Local

Matterport 3D tours broaden your audience, allowing anyone with an internet connection to view the space from anywhere in the world. This means you can reach more potential home buyers, retail customers or job candidates leading to higher sales prices, or more foot traffic for your store or even higher quality employees.

#2 Cost Effective: Time Is Money

Matterport 3D tours save money. For real estate agents, 3D tours eliminate the need for in-person open houses and separate the serious buyer from the time waster. Small businesses can use the 3D tour for insurance documentation of their facility, property management or to create training 3D tours to help new employees learn the ropes.

#3 Enhance The Experience: Storytelling On Steroids

A Matterport 3D tour is not just a chance for people to walk through your space, you can actually enhance the storytelling behind your training/home/store/restaurant by embedding images, audio, video, and text to tell a much more engaging story. A terrific example of this is by the Wichita Falls Public Library, who use tags and notes to highlight areas of interest in their tour.

#4 Better Marketing: Interactive Wins

3D tours are fun and engaging keeping users on your site longer. But wait, there's more! Matterport provides 3 self-generated teasers for social media posts—a gif, a long intro MP4 and short intro MP4. Plus, 3D tours are so detailed you can grab 4K print ready photographs from them to make your posts pop. Matterport makes is easy to expand your social reach and potentially go viral.

#5 Expanded Access: Open 24/7

3D tours means you're never closed. The open anytime aspect of a 3D tour allows anyone to view the tour when its best for them. This is ideal for pandemic safety, the mobility challenged, remote workers and night owls! A 3D tour makes it easy for anyone to learn more about your product/store/company and are more likely to feel confident in their decision, knowing they have a clear understanding of what you're offering.

#6 Improved Branding: The Future Is Now

According to Matterport, businesses with a 3D tour garnered a 14% increase in bookings and 300% greater engagement rate versus those with typical still photos. A 3D tour enables customers to experience your business as if they were really there, going far beyond still photos and 360 tours. Virtually touring a spaces builds safety and trust for your brand.

Ready to book your 3D tour?

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