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PRESS RELEASE - Local Company First to Offer Advanced 3D Camera

Crystal Glass Photography announces the acquisition of the Matterport Pro3 3D camera. The Pro3 opens up new client sector for the local company.

Company owner and president Lynne D'Eramo said, "The Pro3 is the most advanced camera that Matterport has made to date. We're incredible lucky to the first in the area to offer this cutting edge technology. This camera allows us to expand further into the B2B market as well as scans of outdoor venues like the Arboretum, the Riverfront Amphitheater and Greenfield Lake. And because the Pro3 is four times faster than the previous version, we can capture large spaces in incredible detail thanks to the 20 megapixel sensor and 100-meter LiDAR-powered capture range. This is great news for local architecture, engineering and construction firms who often use as-built scans to reduce costs and save time. Now they have a local provider instead of someone out of DC, the Triangle or Charlotte."

"The Pro3 is the most advanced camera that Matterport has made to date." – Lynne D'Eramo

Matterport enable companies to digitize their building portfolio, indoors and out. These digital twins save time and travel costs and are ideal for retail chains, hotel property groups and corporate campuses. With a 48-hour turnaround time facilities and property managers can get a dimensionally accurate, photo-realistic Matterport digital twin of all their properties online.

Along with hardware improvements, Matterport also beefed up the software with features like Enhanced Tags. These tags elevate the viewer experience and provide meaningful context via text, images, video links or other files as seen in this example for a Canadian home furnishings superstore.

These improvements to now give viewers the option to roam freely or follow a curated path. This curated path is contextual story-telling. And captures a viewer's attention whether they are potential renters of an AirBnb, a tourist planing their visit or a new employee learning the layout of a manufacturing plant. An example of the curated path is seen best in this maritime museum in Barcelona.

It's easier than ever to tell the story of the property leading to greater engagement from viewers, ultimately leading to higher sales conversions or better trained employees.




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